Latenight zoo

Zoo Aquarium, Madrid

Going to the zoo at Madrid, Spain can be a special experience. While zoological gardens most often close in the late afternoon this one is open at least until 8:30pm, three times a week it is open until midnight. That’s because of the high temperatures that make a visit during daytime less nice. Therefore you can have a visit in the dark, see animals in slightly enlighted environments and have a very late dinner there.

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Zooloģiskais dārzs

Zoo, Rīga

The zoological garden of Rīga, Latvia dates back to the year 1912. It is located north of the city within the giant Mežaparks and close to the Ķīšezers lake. The zooloģiskais dārzs is a classic zoological garden with 4000 animals of 500 species – you’ll find every animal you would expect. But it is also still a zoo in the making – with some areas deteriorating and some areas buing currently rebuilt.

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Tallinn zoo

Zoo, Tallinn

The loomaaed (zoo) of Tallinn, Estonia is located a little bit outside of the city center close to the big shopping mall ‘Rocca al mare‘. It is a large area with many animals and a zoological garden undergoing a slow remake. There are a lot of old and empty cages, climbing elements for the animals made of concrete and often a high distance between visitors and animals – but also a lot of new buildings and areas beautifully designed.

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Kölner Zoo

Zoo, Köln

The zoological garden of Köln, Germany dates back to the year 1860 and is therefore the third oldest zoo in Germany. It is 20 hectares large and to see everything you have to walk long distances. What I liked is the round trip that ensures that you miss no species. The Kölner Zoo is visited by 1.7 million persons each year. Continue reading “Kölner Zoo”

Watching birds

Weltvogelpark, Walsrode

In my youth it was impossible to go by car through Lower Saxony and not to here the radio advertisement for the “Vogelpark Walsrode” with its iconic jingle. But we never went to the biggest bird park in the world in the Lüneburg Heath, located near Walsrode, Germany. Now was the time for that and the park created in 1962 is definitely worth a visit, even though you will find some deterioration here and there. Continue reading “Watching birds”