Common places

These places I’ve been living at and therefore I know them well:

  • Göttingen: My birthplace and home. A university town with the highest bar density in northern Germany. The Gänseliesel and the Kiessee.
  • Hann. Münden: A cute small town in between. Three rivers, three forests. Dr. Eisenbarth and the Tillyschanze.
  • Kassel: My workplace. Home of the Herkules and the documents. Ahle Worschd and raccoons.

And there are some that I also know by heart:

  • Berlin: Germany’s capital city.
  • Bremen: Home to the best soccer team.
  • Frankfurt: My airbase. And many great museums.
  • Hannover: State capital of Lower Saxony.
  • London: the capital city of the United Kingdom.

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