I absolutely love Postcrossing. If you can reduce your CO2 footprint by planting trees and if microlending is planting hope – then Postcrossing is planting friendship. You don’t need to travel to meet and get to know people in other countries, you can send out small ambassadors: postcards. After registering the web site gives you the address of a user in another country and tells you more about this person. You then can select a suitable postcard, search for the right topic and commonalities or just send a friendly greeting. And afterwards, you will receive a postcard from some other person around the world. You never know from where and it is always a surprise.

Postcrossing is a brilliant way to get to know other people from around the world, to exchange with them, see differences and experience how similar people are everywhere on the plant – with the same hopes, thoughts and fears. People from nearly 250 countries and territories are registered on the platform – therefore it might last long until you receive a second postcard from a country. But beware: the postage for postcards is higher if you send it to another country – a common mistake. You can take a look at my still growing profile and postcard history here: