Kaufunger Wald, Reinhardswald & Bramwald

The city of Hann. Münden, Germany is located beautifully at the place where the rivers Fulda and Werra unite to form the river Weser; at the border of the federal states Lower Saxony and Hesse and between mountains with vast forests: the Kaufunger Wald, Reinhardswald and Bramwald.

Kaufunger Wald, Reinhardswald & Bramwald (map by OpenStreetMap, CC-BY-SA 2.0)
Kaufunger Wald, Reinhardswald & Bramwald (map by OpenStreetMap, CC-BY-SA 2.0)

Osthessisches Bergland: Kaufunger Wald

Behind the city quarter Kattenbühl the Kaufunger Wald begins and is a part of the Osthessisches Bergland. It is a vast area in southern direction towards Hesse. In this area you can find close to Hann. Münden the Steinberg mountain (where once a mine was located, 370 meters high), the Waldpädagogikzentrum Steinberg, the medieval village Steinrode, the restaurant Rinderstall, the closed Steinberghaus, an ant path, the Hühnerfeld (a swamp), the Rauschenbrunnen, the Erlebnispark Ziegenhagen, the wonderful river valleys Grundbachtal and Glasebachtal and many more nice places.



On the left side of the river Weser you can find the Reinhardswald that is part of the Weserbergland. Near Hann. Münden you will find there the Tillyschanze and the Katerquelle – but the forest is more known for the castle of the Sleeping Beauty – the Sababurg and the close-by zoo and virgin forest. Other interesting places might be the collapse sinkholes Wolkenbrüche near Trendelburg or the water castle Wülmersen. In the north of the Reinhardswald the Solling begins, in the southwest the Habichtswald is the next neighbor.


Also part of the Weserbergland but located at the right side of the river Weser is the Bramwald. It starts with the Blümer Berg and mountain Questenberg next to the city quarters Blume and Hermannshagen. There you can find the Weserliedanlage, the Franzosenschanze (a former plateau of French soldiers), the Düsterer-Keller-Brunnen and the Klusteiche lakes. Further north you can find the Bramburg, the Schwedenschanze (a plateau of Swedish soldiers) and the Hünenburg Hemeln. In the north the Bramwald ends at the Solling.

In all three forests you can find clearly marked hiking paths and a lot of signs for visitors. Unfortunately some nice paths that need more care and include elements like small wooden bridges are not maintained anymore. But still there is a lot to discover around Hann. Münden!

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