Sometimes I travel lots of kilometers to interesting places and sometimes I discover highlights just around the corner. One of the latter is the Hühnerfeld in Staufenberg, Germany – between Hann. Münden and Kassel. It is a natural reserve including a swamp area which you can cross on a nice wooden path.

It’s name has nothing to do with chicken („Hühner“) but roots to the word Hünenfeld which means a free space in a mountanous area. You can park your car at a designated parking lot at the crossing of the Kohlenstraße and the road leading to Nienhagen. A small path leads you to the entrance where you‘ll also find some information about the area.

Some meters away you will find the wooden path constructed in 2015. It is 1.2 meters wide, about 1.2 kilometers long and you will find a viewing platform, different signs with information and different landscapes along your way. The path is also suitable if you use a buggy but it has an inclination of 11 percent. On the way you can see the swamps and a small river floating down along the path. The way ends at the next road, so you might best walk back the same route.

I know different swamp areas, especially from the Lüneburg heath – they are typically much larger. But walking this way is really a pleasure, I found nature especially wonderful in autumn – but it might look beautiful and different in all seasons. People from Hann. Münden sometimes know the Hühnerfeld, in Kassel it seems to be fully unknown – even though it is only a motorway exit away.

From Hann. Münden follow the Vogelsang or Kattenbühl in the direction of Laubach. Directly at the end of the city turn right and follow the Kohlenstraße (also crossing the motorway). You can follow the signs to Steinrode (a medieval village and educational center). From Kassel take the motorway exit Staufenberg to the southeast (not to the motorway stop) and then turn left. The map below might be useful to find your way.



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