No man’s land

Niemandsland, Niestetal/Staufenberg

In the forest between Landwehrhagen, Staufenberg and Heiligenrode, Niestetal you can observe a special border situation: as both, the kingdom of Hannover and the landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel wanted to use a path through the forest they found an easy solution. The border stones are simply placed on the left and the right side of the path creating a ‘Niemandsland‘ (no man’s land) not belonging to one of these two parties. When you’re standing in between you’re neither in the kingdom nor in the landgraviate.

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Ickelsbach, Landwehrhagen, Staufenberg

The Ickelsbach is just a tiny flow beginning at Lutterberg, passing Landwehrhagen (both belonging to Staufenberg) and ending at the river Fulda close to Wahnhausen, Fuldatal (which is located on the other side of the river). Unfortunately you cannot walk near the riverbed but on paths close to the river. It is a nice walk from Landwehrhagen down to river Fulda where you can decide to continue via the watergate to Wahnhausen or along the Fulda to Speele.

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Grillplatz an der Köhlerhütte, Speele, Staufenberg

If you’re looking for a place where you can have a barbecue with family, friends or an organization, every village seems to have a location for that – often maintained honorary by the local community. One of the nicest places I’ve seen is located in the remote village Speele, belonging to Staufenberg, Germany. You can reach it by car on the one and only road connecting this place to the outside world or by regional train from Kassel or Eichenberg. Continue reading “Köhlerhütte”