Hustle and bustle

Ants are a fantastic species. They can carry 100 times their weight. The summed up mass of ants on the planet is higher than the mass of all humans. They form states in big anthills. And yet we don’t know too much about them. If you want to see the hustle and bustle of such a formicary there is a good location in Hann. Münden, Germany.

In the southern part of the Naturpark Münden, between Hann. Münden and Staufenberg there is a special Ameisenpfad. You’ll find anthills of different sizes and explanatory signs. Just get to the restaurant Rinderstall within the forest, park your car there and have a short 1,5 kilometer long walk.

You can get to the Rinderstall by following the road starting near the Abenteuerspielplatz (where the road to Laubach leaves Hann. Münden, “Nebenstrecke“). On the other hand there is a tiny road starting behind the serpentines of the B496 close to the Steinbachtalbrücke.

Hann. Münden/Staufenberg

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