View from FREIgeist Skybar, Göttingen

There aren’t many spots from which you can enjoy great views on the city center of Göttingen: you can get to the canteen of the Neues Rathaus, access the small terrace of the Kunsthaus or get on top of the Bismarckturm. But none of them normally gives you the chance to have a delicious sundowner while focusing the university town’s skyline. Fortunately, the FREIgeist hotel brings good food and drinks to the Nordstadt of Göttingen – an area in the past not known for fine dining and great cocktails. It has indeed the only real rooftop bar of the city, so get a drink and enjoy sundown!

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Capitale mondiale du parfum

Grasse, France

Grasse is known to be the world capital of perfume and therefore that’s all a visit about. The region surrounding it is used to grow different kinds of flowers (mostly lavender, narcissus, cassia, mimosa, violet, iris, roses, jasmine plus bigarade oranges) used in fragrance production and whenever you stroll through the narrow streets and enjoy good views from the mountain you’ll always have a nice scent in your nose.

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Palme d’Or

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, Cannes

Since 1946 every year at the Festival de Cannes the best movies, actors and scripts are awarded, with the Palme d’Or as the most important trophy. We all know the yearly pictures of celebrities waving from the red carpet in front of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès at Cannes. You can find the Palais directly at the harbor after strolling through the nice streets of the city center and discovering the roofed markets of Cannes.

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Promenade des Anglais

Plage Publique de Castel, Nice

One of the best features of Nice is for sure the Promenade des Anglais, the walkway between the beach and the beautiful old city center. It is seven kilometers long and named after the English that started in the second half of the 18th century to spend their winters at the Côte d’Azur. Everyday people are strolling along the shore, having a bath at the pebble beach, playing pétanque or enjoying a drink in one of the many bars. The beach is by the way partly public and in some sections commercialized giving you the choice to either have free access or to enjoy sun loungers and bars directly at the water.

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Colline du Château

Cascade, Colline du Château, Nice

Already had your daily dose of sports? If not, it could be the time to climb up to the Parc de la Colline du Château on a 90 meters high rock above Nice. Walk to the east end of the beach where you’ll find the steps up to the Tour Bellanda from which you’ll have amazing views on the beach of Nice. Continue further up the hill, through parts of the former fortification to the park and from there continue to the Belvédère du Château with a great panorama of the city and an artificial waterfall underneath.

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Gracia Patricia

Cathédrale Notre-Dame-Immaculée, Monaco

On the rock that hosts the historic old town of Monaco you can find the main church of the country, the cathedral Notre-Dame-Immaculée. It is located between the Palais Princier and the Musée Océanographique; the wonderful Jardins Saint-Martin begin directly next to it. The church is the burial site of the Grimaldi family reigning Monaco – rulers of the country during the last 500 years have found their final rest here. The current church itself was built from the year 1875 on the walls of an earlier church building and was inaugurated in 1911.

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Palais Princier

Palais Princier, Monaco

When you walk on foot up to the rock (le Rocher) hosting the old city center of Monaco you’ll pass the stone walls and through the ancient city gate – after that you’re standing directly in front of the Palais Princier de Monaco, the seat of the sovereign prince. The oldest parts of the home of the Grimaldi family date back to the year 1191 when this place was a fortress of the Republic of Genoa. Since 1520 it has evolved into a royal palace with all amenities and a changing of the guard ceremony every day at 11:55.

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Casino Monte-Carlo, Monaco

It is just a city quarter of Monaco, but Monte-Carlo (or Munte-Carlu in local language) is very well known: for the Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo but especially for the famous casino. The Casino de Monte Carlo building surrounded by a park high above Port Hercule dates back to the year 1858 and even if you’ve never been there you’ve probably seen it before: in James Bond movies like Casino Royale (2006), Golden Eye (1995) or Never Say Never Again (1983). Getting into it is rather cheap (17 Euros) – but you need to wear a suite and a tie.

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Richmond Park

Richmond Park, Richmond

Sometimes it is such a bless to leave the city of London, especially on a sunny weekend. One of the best options for that is the vast Richmond Park located between Richmond and Kingston. It was once a royal hunting ground created for king Edward I and is today the largest of all royal parks in the city. And it is still connected to its history as there are 650 deer that roam the park freely – a very unexpected pleasure in an urban agglomeration like the capital city of the United Kingdom.

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Much Ado About Nothing

Globe theatre, London

One of the pleasures I had on my list for very long time is visiting Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre at the riverside of the Thames between Southwark Bridge and Millenium Bridge. The current building was opened in 1997 and it is a replica of the original Globe Theatre built in 1599 (burned down in 1613 and finally removed after reconstruction in 1644). Even though it had to be modernized for security reasons the Globe still gives you the original feeling of a playhouse of Elizabethan times.

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