Zoo & Afrykarium

Afrykarium, Breslau

The zoological garden of Wrocław, Poland is located close to the centennial hall. It has been opened in 1865, it is today one of the biggest zoos in Poland and you can see 10.000 animals of 1.100 species. Most speciel element is the Afrykarium – a new building hosting animals of Africa. It includes fishes of the red sea and a glas tunnel through the aquarium as well as a hugh hippo bay with a waterfall. Continue reading “Zoo & Afrykarium”


Polinka, Wroclaw

Maybe the university of Wrocław, Poland is the only one in the world having their own cable car. As two areas of the campus of the university are separated by river Odra this cable car has been built. If you park in Na Grobli street and cross the river you can find a small sand beach and a nice place to relax (even though there is no gastronomy). Continue reading “Polinka”


Hydropolis, Wroclaw

The Hydropolis is the newest attraction of Wrocław, Poland. It is a museum for a very important element: water. On 40.000 square meters it shows everything about water, from the creation of water, the existens of water on other planets and life in the deep sea to the water systems in modern cities and the usage of rivers and oceans. Continue reading “Hydropolis”


Kolejkowo, Wroclaw

It is called the biggest miniature railway in Poland – compared to German installations like the Miniaturwunderland in Hamburg, Kolejkowo in Wrocław is rather small. But it is fun! Located in a former railway station next to the city center it offers different scenarios on two levels. Continue reading “Kolejkowo”


Aquapark, Wroclaw

There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a jump into a big pool of water. In Wrocław, Poland there is the Park Wodny or Aquapark not far away from the main railway station. It is not very big and quite crowded when temperatures are high – but it is nice experience. Continue reading “Aquapark”