Świętej Elżbiety

The church Świętej Elżbiety (St. Elisabeth) can be found close to the Ratusz and Rynek of Wrocław, Poland. It is made of red brick and it was until 1946 the main protestant church of the city. It can host up to 2.000 worshippers and is one of the biggest churches in Silesia.

The St. Elisabeth church survived World War II nearly without destruction but afterwards lightnings hit the building and in 1976 a fire destroyed the interior. The tower of the church is more than 90 meters high and for a very small fee you can walk up there.

But be warned: there is only one staircase leading up and down and it is very narrow. On your way up there are no platforms to stop an recreate. The view on Rynek and Odra is quite nice but it requires quite a big pain.

Kościół Garnizonowy pw. św. Elżbiety
Świętej Elżbiety 1
50-111 Wrocław


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