Zoo & Afrykarium

The zoological garden of Wrocław, Poland is located close to the centennial hall. It has been opened in 1865, it is today one of the biggest zoos in Poland and you can see 10.000 animals of 1.100 species. Most speciel element is the Afrykarium – a new building hosting animals of Africa. It includes fishes of the red sea and a glas tunnel through the aquarium as well as a hugh hippo bay with a waterfall.

Another interesting part is the Odrarium showing flora and fauna along the river Odra. Some parts of the zoo seem to be very old, some cages and areas are simply empty. But sometimes there are small funny ideas, like the car that is integrated into the fence of the lions area. You can sit inside the car and watch those big animals like on a safari. There are parking lots opposite to the zoological garden at the centennial hall and you can easily reach this place by street car.

Zoo Wrocław
Wróblewskiego 1-5
51-618 Wrocław


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