Zoologisk Have, København

You don’t see panda bears that often in zoological gardens – but in København you can watch them relaxing in the sun. Another rather rare animal is the Tasmanian Devil, it was the first time in Denmark that I’ve seen this fantastic animal. The Zoologisk Have København is a wonderful middle-sized zoo that was founded in 1859. It is home to around 3,500 animals of 250 species and it groups the animals according to the places in the world where they are living.

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Zoo Leipzig

Zoo, Leipzig

The zoological garden of Leipzig, Germany, is said to be the best zoo in the country. I don’t know whether I can confirm this – but it is mostly because of the massive construction works currently carried out there. The zoo is quite large, you can walk for many kilometres and in winter times a lot of animals stay inside or are simply not visible. The park contains many restaurants and playgrounds, lovely decorations and nicely themed sections. It is, for example, a real pleasure to walk on wooden walkways over a river to the monkey house.

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Noah‘s ark

Coati, Zoo Arche Noah, Grömitz

The zoological garden Noah‘s Arche at Grömitz, Germany, is one of these family-friendly zoos: not too big, not too expensive – but with enough animals, a children’s area, a playground and a short railway to ride. On the inhabitant list, you can find lions & lynxes, coatis & camels, alpacas & apes; but also wallabies, porcupines, raccoons and many more species. I was really surprised to see the tree full of raccoons climbing around and I loved the areas where you can get in touch with goats, alpacas, nandus and llamas – don’t forget to buy animal feed at the entrance!

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Tierpark Hagenbeck

Tierpark Hagenbeck, Hamburg

Hagenbecks Tierpark at Hamburg, Germany, is a well-known zoological garden. In fact, it consists of two things that can be visited separately: the tropical aquarium and the zoological garden. In 1907 it was the first zoo without fences, but its roots go back to 1848 when a member of the Hagenbeck family started to exhibit six seals in the city centre. Today you can see more than 1,800 animals of 200 species in the zoo and 14,000 animals from 300 species inside the aquarium.

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Tierpark, Berlin

In the past, I had visited the Zoologischer Garten of Berlin, Germany, multiple times but I never went to the other zoo of the German capital, the Tierpark Berlin. Maybe it was because it is located in the East of Berlin which I didn’t really visit yet and which still has interesting places left for me to discover. I didn’t expect to much when going there but I could have known that I’m wrong with just finding out that the Tierpark with its 160 hectares is as large as the island of Helgoland. It is the biggest of its kind in Europe.

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Making new friends

Zoo, Երևան

The zoological garden if Երևան, Armenia, is a zoo in constant transformation and therefore interesting to visit. Ten years ago the conditions for the animals must have been rather bad but things changed for the better: the lions now have a shiny new area and the wolves and bears can roam around freely in large territories. On the other hand dogs (living on the streets here often) broke into the zoo and killed the kangaroos – which lead to the director quitting because he was unable to protect his animals.

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Where is the fodder?

Tiergarten, Mönchengladbach

The Tiergarten of Mönchengladbach, Germany is just a small zoological garden but one that is fun – especially for families. They don’t have too many species there but you can get pretty close to most of them. Especially the alpacas, donkeys, horses and pigs will expect that you have something for them in your pockets. Fortunately, you can buy some fodder for the animals at the cash desk. That way you can easily attract them and pet some nice animals. In addition to domestic animals, they also give a home to species like kangaroos and seals.

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Dublin zoo

Zoo, Dublin

The zoological garden of Dublin, Ireland, is the largest zoo in the country and one of the oldest in Europe. It was opened in 1831 and you can have a very long walk within the 28 hectares of ground. When I was there I was seeing rather few animals – but it was rather late and bad weather, most of them were inside. One of the former inhabitants we all know: the lion Cairbre (born 1927) was the face of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and we all saw it already multiple times before a movie started.

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Tierpark, Chemnitz

The zoological garden of Chemnitz, Germany isn’t very big – but it is a nice place to be. What I will remember of this zoo are the big tropical house, the high number of different frogs at the Vivarium and the very active porcupine family. I love porcupines. The Tierpark Chemnitz is located in the west of the city and a bit afar from the city center. You can reach it by taking a train from the main railway station to Chemnitz-Siegmar – from there it is an easy ten minutes walk to the zoo.

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