One hundred forty steps

Wildpark, Hardegsen

When you’re at Göttingen and want to see some animals, you don’t have too many options: the next zoological gardens are at Hannover and Frankfurt and the city just has the Kehr with some deer, wild boars and squirrels. A good option is the amazing Tierpark Sababurg at Hofgeismar, belonging to Hesse. But there is also an underrated option not far away: the Wildpark Hardegsen. It is owned by the small city of Hardegsen (7,500 inhabitants) and you don’t have to pay an entrance fee.

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Manatee paradise

Manatee house, Tiergarten, Nürnberg

Nürnberg, Germany, has a long tradition with zoological gardens: in medieval times there was a zoo close to the city center (next to the Tiergärtnertor), from 1912 on it was located near the Dutzendteich lake but then it had to move because of the creation of the Reichsparteitagsgelände. Since 1939 the Tiergarten is located in the East of the city in a mountainous region called Schmausenbuck.

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Korkeasaari zoo, Helsinki

I’ve visited many zoological gardens around the world but Korkeasaari is one of the best! The zoo of Helsinki is located on an island and that doubles the fun: you could take the bridge for sure, but best let the adventure start already at the harbor with a nice boat trip towards the island. On your way you can also observe the fleet of icebreaker ships anchoring near the city center.

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Зоологическа градина

Zoo, София

The zoological garden of София is located near the city center and shall obviously be accessible without barriers. They charge you the small amount of four Leva which is wonderful on the one hand, but on the other hand they should really gather funds for a serious makeover. Ferdinand I of Bulgaria was interested in natural history and supported science. As part of his work the zoo was opened in 1888.

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Wildpark MV, Güstrow

Güstrow is a small town south of Rostock, Germany. The region doesn’t have many touristic highlights, but there is one place you shouldn’t leave out: the Wildpark MV (the MV refers to the federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). The wildlife park started after World War II with just local wild boars and deer, but it was extended continuously over time.

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Zoo am Rammelsberg

Zoo am Rammelsberg, Kassel

There is no typical zoological garden at Kassel. If you want one of these, you need to go to Hannover, Leipzig or Frankfurt. What exists is a privately operated zoo for small animals: the Zoo am Rammelsberg. The entrance is free of charge and the costs are covered by donations. Many people use the opportunity to see and feed some animals, but the conditions under which they’re held are often disputed.

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By the sea

Zoo, Λεμεσός

What to expect from a zoological garden located inside a city like Λεμεσός? It is a smaller zoo, and it can be found close to the city center, directly at the sea. The zoo has been recently reconstructed and natural materials like wood, stone and rope have been used. That gives this place a wonderful atmosphere and the habitats seem to be suitable for the reduced number of species living there.

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