Manatee paradise

Nürnberg, Germany, has a long tradition with zoological gardens: in medieval times there was a zoo close to the city center (next to the Tiergärtnertor), from 1912 on it was located near the Dutzendteich lake but then it had to move because of the creation of the Reichsparteitagsgelände. Since 1939 the Tiergarten is located in the East of the city in a mountainous region called Schmausenbuck.

It is the second-largest zoo in Germany covering a massive space of 63 hectares. You can enjoy long walks there, hike up the hills and discover the ancient richness: parts of the Tiergarten have been built into the sandstone of a former quarry – pretty impressive. Today the zoo is home to more than 6,000 animals belonging to 300 species, including dolphins (which is rather unusual because it is hard to provide good living conditions).

Stars of the zoo are many creatures living in water: penguins, seals, sea lions. Most impressive is the vast manatee house with a tropical landscape above the water and the possibility to look at these beautiful creates from a panorama glass wall underneath. What I also enjoyed is the desert house where no barriers separate you from the animals living within.

If you want to reach the Tiergarten you can simply take tramway 5 from the main railway station. It ends directly in front of the zoo. But there is also an alternative bus route 45 if you don’t arrive from the city center. Throughout the zoo you will find different restaurants and eateries that provide you with food and drinks; the perfect place for a long day of fun!

Tiergarten Nürnberg
Am Tiergarten

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