Terra Sancta

City wall, Jerusalem

When I had to select the destination for my 34th birthday, Israel came into my mind – mainly because I wanted to see Yad Vashem. When I started to talk about this idea I was bothered with a lot of security issues. Friends and family didn’t like the idea of me being at an unsafe area influenced by the conflict between Israel and Palestine. When travelling throughout Brazil I read Breaking news by Frank Schätzing (which in some part tells the history of Israel and the storyline is also situated at Jerusalem) and the decision to go to the Holy Land finally was made.

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Herods great harbour

Caesarea, Israel

There are plenty of archeological sites from the Roman and Byzantine eras throughout Israel, but Caesarea stands out. The harbour was fortified by Herod the Great and was an important port for many years. Natural disruptions and political changes led to many times this place has been destroyed and rebuilt. Especially the temple mount has been used for different buildings and religions over time.

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Visiting the winemakers

Zichron Ja'akow, Israel

The region around Zihron Ya’akov up in the Carmel mountains is famous for wine from Israel. This is because Baron de Rothschild brought this tradition here and is also buried close to the town. It is not like in Chile where you see huge fields of wine or can have a wine tasting – but at the eastern end of the town you will find the Carmel winery where you can buy a bottle of wine produced here.

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