The border to Lebanon

Close to the town of Rosh HaNikra there is a chalk rock forming the natural border between Israel and Lebanon. It is a barrier a lot of armies – like the one of Alexander the Great – had to cross. During World War II the British built a 250 meters long tunnel into the mountain to connect Beirut and Haifa with railway tracks.

Chalk rock, Rosh HaNikra
Chalk rock, Rosh HaNikra

In 1948 the Haganah suspected an invasion from Lebanon and destroyed the bridges and the tunnel. Today, you can go by cablecar down to the shore, watch a movie about the place within a part of the old railway tunnel (tracks preserved) and walk through a network of tunnels connecting different grottos the sea washed into the mountain. The area is a habitat for different birds, turtles and octopuses. Because of the position directly at the border there are some military forces around but overall this seems to be a safe place.

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