Monte Kristo

Hotel Monte Kristo, Rīga

The owners of the hotel Monte Kristo at Rīga, Latvia must be fans of the adventure novel ‘The Count of Monte Cristo‘ by Alexandre Dumas. The hotel looks pretty ancient, everywhere you can see paintings of ships and harbours and in the corridors there are barrels and trading sacks. Even though you won’t see much of the Baltic sea during your visit you’ll at least have maritime flair.

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Getting around

Centrāltirgus, Rīga

If you’re just visiting the old town and the art nouveau quarter of Rīga, Latvia you’ll probably don’t need public transport. But there are also interesting places like the botanical garden, the zoological garden or the Brāļu kapi memorial cemetery that are a bit further away. Good news: using public transport at Rīga is fairly easy. A hive of busses, minibusses, trolley busses and tramways is waiting for you to jump in.

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Daugava river, Rīga

When you’re at Rīga, Latvia you will experience the Daugava river as a mighty and wide stream located near the city center and dividing the old town from the newer parts of the city. You need to cross it to go to the airport, the botanical garden or – by train – if you want to visit Jūrmala. The river is 1020 kilometers long, begins in Russia and passes through Belorussia and Latvia to the gulf of Rīga where it floats into the Baltic sea.

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Centrāltirgus, Rīga

The central market (Centrāltirgus) of Rīga, Latvia is located directly next to the bus station and not far away from the railway station. You can’t miss it because it is located within iconic buildings once used to built airships. On 72.000 squaremeters you can buy fruit, cheese, meat, fish, flowers and more. The market plays an important role in everyday life and I’ve never seen so many people accessing a market.

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Freedom monument

Freedom monument, Rīga

The freedom monument (Brīvības piemineklis) of Rīga, Latvia is a town’s landmark of the city and a symbol for the national sovereignity of Latvia. It was created during the first Latvian independence between 1931 and 1935 and was built as a replacement for the statue of Peter the Great once standing there. Even when Latvia lost its independence again the statue could be preserved.

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Svētā Pētera baznīca

St. Peter, Rīga

The tower of the St. Peter’s church (Svētā Pētera baznīca) is the highest church tower in Rīga, Latvia. It is around 120 meters high and you can go the second gallery by elevator to enjoy good views on the city. The church itself was first mentioned in the year 1209 CE and is built in brick gothic style. It was continuously enhanced as it should always be more beautiful than the cathedral of Rīga just some streets away.

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From Tallinn to Rīga

Tallinn to Rīga

After visiting Tallinn, Estonia it was time to continue my trip to Rīga, Latvia and there are not too many options for that as the railway system is not as good as in other European countries. As often as in eastern Europe long-distance busses replace trains and there is a very good infrastructure for them. You can easily book this trip online with different platforms and operators. And you can choose different quality classes of transit.

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Airport, Tallinn

I really like the Estonian language. It sounds nice, it reads cute and it feels like they have too much vowels in Estonia. Or how do you explain words like ‘bussijaam‘ (bus stop)? Looking at the languages of the Baltic states you can see that Latvian and Lithuanian have some commonalities (even though they are very clearly different languages), Estonian is absolutely different.

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