Aschrottpark, Kassel

The Tannenkuppe (fir summit) is a hill in the city quarter Vorderer Westen (fore west) of Kassel, Germany – not far away from the railway station Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe. It consists of limestone (like nearby Kratzenberg) which was gathered and until the mid of the 19th century also burned there to receive Calcium oxide; a material needed for buildings and industry. In the 1880s local industrial Sigmund Aschrott baught this place and converted it into a landscape garden.

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Flag and hymn

Kosovo flag, Prishtinë

Kosovo is a young state which is split up into two areas: north of Mitrovicë the majority of people are Serbs, south of it Albanians. The flag used most widely in the North is the flag of Serbia: red, blue and white with a white double-headed eagle and a crown. In the rest of the country the flag of Albania is shown most: red with a black double-headed eagle. But Kosovo has for sure an own flag which I could only find in the center of Prishtinë. It hasn’t a long tradition and was introduced only in 2008 after a competition.

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Miners monument

Miners monument, Косовска Митровица

The city of Mitrovicë, Kosovo is mainly known for two things: that river Ibër splits the city and the country itself into the Serbian north and the Albanian south and for its mining tradition. On Serbian-controlled territory in the northeast you can find the Miniera e Trepçës or Rudnik Trepča – the largest mine for lead and zinc ore in Europe (which is additionally also gathering silver and gold). Up to 23000 workers were once employed there at the same time.

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Driving school

Electric mini cars, Mitrovicë

It’s an observation I made on the Balkans and also in the Baltic states, but nowhere else – maybe it is a tradition coming from the Eastern bloc or it’s only seen there because the regulations aren’t as strict as in western European countries: miniature electric cars for kids. On major public spaces you can find them for rental and kids cruise around having a lot of fun.

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Priview bar

Priview bar, Prishtinë

If you want a bar with good views at Prishtinë, Kosovo you need to walk a little bit. Coming from the city center you’ll need to cross the railway tracks and walk up the hill towards the shiny new buildings and the KFOR camp ‘Film city‘ where once movies were produced. Inside the new Minimax shopping centre you can find the Priview bar. From their seats next to the large glass windows you can watch the lights of the capital city.

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Bear sanctuary

Bear sanctuary Prishtina, Novo Sellë

Going to a place where bears are held in eastern Europe is normally no pleasure. They often live in old and shabby cages that are much too small and don’t provide a suitable environment for these beautiful animals. With the Bear sanctuary Prishtina at Novo sellë, Kosovo it is absolutely different. In Kosovo it was allowed for long time to have a bear as your personal animal. Most often they were held in small cages next to restaurants for the amusement of the visitors. When this law was fortunately changed the animal protection association Four paws offered to create a sanctuary in Kosovo.

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Artificial lakes

Liqeni i Batllavës, Kosovo

The Kosovo is in a special geographic situation – a large valley with different mountains at its borders and no access to the sea. There are some rivers like the Drin and the Ibër and only few lakes, most of them glacial lakes. That is why there are also some artificial lakes created especially for ensuring drinking water supply. If you’re at Prishtinë two lakes are not too far away: the Liqeni e Battlavës and the Liqeni e Badovcit.

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Ancient monastery

Манастир Грачаница, Gračanica

When you arrive at Graçanicë, Kosovo you will see a vast area surrounded by old stone walls. It is the Manastiri i Graçanicës, a serbian-orthodox monastery and one of the most important sights in Kosovo. The cloister was founded in 1321 by serbian king Stefan Uroš II Milutin. In its center you will find a wonderful small church in byzantine style with five cupolas. As you might expect in case of orthodox church it is richly decorated in gold and the entrance area is covered with well-preserved beautiful frescos.

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