Amsterdam again

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

One of those destinations I was visiting most often during my childhood and youth was Amsterdam, the Netherlands. That is because of a very good train connection leading there and my father being an employee of the German railway company (“Deutsche Bundesbahn“, later “Deutsche Bahn“). It was very cheap for us to travel by train, even internationally. Continue reading “Amsterdam again”

Canal cruising

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

There are approximately 200 canals with a length of 80 kilometers in Amsterdam, the Netherlands shaping the image of the city. Most important is the Grachtengordel – a system of four canals (Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht) surrounding the city core in rings. They are typically 27 meters wide and 2,4 meters in depth. Continue reading “Canal cruising”


Vondelpark, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Vondelpark is an urban park in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the Dutch equivalent to New Yorks Central Park – even though it is much smaller and less moulded. It covers 47 hectares and is named after the Dutch poet Joost van den Vondel (whose statue is visible within the park). You can access the green lung of Amsterdam easily close to the Leidseplan, but there are also many other gates along the stretched park. Continue reading “Vondelpark”

Reopened Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I’ve been to Amsterdam, the Netherlands many times during the last ten years but I never got the opportunity to explore the Rijksmuseum in its full beauty. On my last trip is was at least partly opened, since April 2013 the renovation works were finished. And that is why we could finally see every part of it – including “De Nachtwacht” (“The Night Watch“) of Rembrandt van Rijn. Continue reading “Reopened Rijksmuseum”

The College

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Good hotels aren’t cheap in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A reasonable compromise is the College Hotel in Roelof Hartstraat, not far away from Museumsplein. It is a place where professionals and trainees work abreast – and it is a very nice 19th century building with high ceilings and an aesthetic decoration. Continue reading “The College”

Amsterdam Centraal

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The main railway station of Amsterdam, the Netherlands – and a special one: on both sides accompanied by water; in the north the big canels leading to the Markermeer and the North Sea; in the south the town canals leading through the city. It is a magnificient building made from red brick and inspired by the Dutch Renaissance. Continue reading “Amsterdam Centraal”