Eiscafé Renata

Eiscafé Renata, Hann. Münden

People coming to Hann. Münden, Germany often search for good ice cream in the city center and of course there are some good options in the pedestrian zone. But the expert knows that you get the best ice cream somewhere else: in Neumünden, at the Eiscafé Renata. It is no shiny new ice cream parlor with freaky variations, the location is not the best and inside the time seems to have stopped long ago.

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Taste of India

Taste of India, Hann. Münden

Getting delicious Indian food at Hann. Münden, Germany is quite an issue. During the last years there was a very good restaurant called Bollywood Palace that set the bar pretty high – but is now closed again. Then there is an Italian restaurant (the Rialto) that offers some Indian dishes. One restaurant that we’ve simply not seen before is the Taste of India in the Lange Straße, the pedestrian zone.

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Da Carmelo

Pizza Mia da Carmelo, Hann. Münden

The restaurant ‘Pizza Mia Da Carmelo‘ at Hann. Münden, Germany can be found near the beginning of the pedestrian zone in the Lange Straße – on the side with the Rotunde. It is inside a building that has seen continuously changing usages during the last years. It was the Turkish restaurant Lokanta and afterwards the local Subway sandwich restaurant. Now a friendly guy with Italian roots sells pizza there.

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