Eiscafé Renata

People coming to Hann. Münden, Germany often search for good ice cream in the city center and of course there are some good options in the pedestrian zone. But the expert knows that you get the best ice cream somewhere else: in Neumünden, at the Eiscafé Renata. It is no shiny new ice cream parlor with freaky variations, the location is not the best and inside the time seems to have stopped long ago.

But what counts is what you get: delicious ice cream and a garden behind the house where you can sit down, relax and enjoy your selection. The owners are very friendly and all in all it is worth the short extra walk from the city center. Just cross river Fulda near the high Natermannturm tower and turn left. After some meters you’ll find what you were searching for.

Eiscafé Renata
Wilhelmshäuser Str. 23
34346 Hann. Münden
Hann. Münden

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