Schloss, Vaduz

Liechtenstein is a very special country surrounded by Switzerland and Austria: the sixth smallest country in the world, under 40,000 inhabitants, a constitutional monarchy with a 25-person parliament and a conservative ruler with a veto-right living in a castle high above the capital village Vaduz (5,000 inhabitants). The people speak German, the country is part of UNO and the European Economic Area but not the European Union. You can pay with the Swiss franc, the country is in a customs union with Switzerland and doesn’t have an army. Beloved are Ribel, Käsknöpfle and local wine – and since 1984 even women are able to vote (but it was a close decision).

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Gänglesee, Triesenberg

The Gänglesee is just a small like in the Rätikon mountain range you can swim in. It is located on a height of 1,300 meters above sea level and at its shore you can have a barbecue or just adore the mountain panorama. In winter times behind the lake ski trails begin making this region of Triesenberg well-visited in summer as well as in winter times.

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Border crossing

Alte Rheinbrücke, Vaduz/Sevelen

Liechtenstein and Switzerland are separated from each other by river Rhein. For sure there was always the need to cross the river and in the beginning ferry boats were the vehicle of choice. In 1867 first bridges were created, for example between Buchs (Switzerland) and Schaan (Liechtenstein); three years later the connection between Vaduz and Sevelen was created for the very first time. As a pedestrian and cyclist you can use it still today – the last preserved wooden bridge crossing the Rhein.

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Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum, Vaduz

Liechtenstein is a very special small country which is rather conservative and trying to preserve its traditions. At the end of the 19th century prince Johann II started a collection of archaeological findings from Liechtenstein and cultural heritage of the country. Today you can learn a lot about local life, rituals, religion and government of the country at a museum building in the pedestrian zone of Vaduz.

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Broken glass

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz

In 1967 the country of Liechtenstein received a donation of ten contemporary artworks which became the starting point for a state-owned art collection. Nowadays you can find two connected buildings in the pedestrian zone of Vaduz, the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein and the Hilti Art Foundation. These modern museums erected in 2000 and 2015 now contain a nice collection of modern and contemporary art.

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