The Wall

The Göttinger Stadtwall is a former fortification of the city of Göttingen, Germany. At first only a small part of the city center was surrounded by walls – you can still see some parts of the inner zone at the Mauerstraße (‘wall street’). In 1326 the city was allowed to build the today still visible Stadtwall and building it needed 200 years.

At first there was only a ditch and a mound but the protection became better over time. In the end there were also 30 towers along the circle around the city, walls on top of it and lakes surrounding it. The name of the big city gates are still used today (Groner Tor, Geismar Tor, Weender Tor – named after the cities lying outside the walls in each direction).

After the Seven Years War it had to be decided whether the Stadtwall has to be destroyed or used for different purposes. In 1765 it was decided to plant 400 linden trees and to put benches and tables on top of the former fortifications. In 1878 the eastern part and in 1894 the southern part were flattened.

Today it is still nice to walk around on the Wall and have a look at the city. Different nice places like the Alter Botanischer Garten or the Cheltenham Park can be easily accessed from the Wall. People take their dogs there for a walk and especially in the morning and the evening a lot of inhabitants use this round course for jogging.

37073 Göttingen

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