Schlichte Hof

Schlichte Hof, Bielefeld

The Schlichte Hof is an ancient guesthouse from the year 1492 at Bielefeld, Germany. Within the half-timbered house you will find a hotel with few rooms and a good restaurant serving traditional dishes of Westphalia. But this place seems to be mostly known for family events and especially wedding parties. The former horse stable offers enough space on two levels for many guests.

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Wacht am Rhein

Wacht am Rhein, Leverkusen

There aren’t too many good places to sit at the shore of river Rhein at Leverkusen, Germany. A lot of the space along the river is cover by chemical factories. But if you make your way from Leverkusen-Mitte to the river, leave the shopping malls behind and pass through and endless number of residential homes you will find the Neuland-Park (a vast garden) and next to it a nice restaurant called ‘Wacht am Rhein‘ (Watch on the Rhine) – named after an ancient German song and anthem.

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Main tower

Main tower, Frankfurt am Main

If you want to enjoy good views on the skyline of ‚Mainhattan‘ the Main tower in Frankfurt, Germany is your best choice. A high-speed elevator brings you to the 54th floor and after taking stairs to the 56th floor you‘ll be on a partially roofed viewing platform with unhindered views on the skyline, the river Main and the complete city. On good days you cannot only see the Waldstation but also catch a glimpse on Feldberg mountain in the Taunus mountain range.

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Fortuna Ehrenfeld, Goldgrube, Kassel

The Goldgrube is an alternative music club at Kassel, Germany. It can be found in the north of the city in a street called Eisenschmiede (iron forge). The club was opened in 2014 as a stage for bands that not yet fill the big music halls. I must admit that I would have never gone inside if I hadn’t bought a ticket in advance. When standing in front you wouldn’t expect what to find underground.

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Drachenschlucht, Eisenach

A narrow valley, a beautiful gorge: the Drachenschlucht (dragon canyon) at Eisenach, Germany is a good place for a nice walk; in fact one of the most beautiful I‘ve ever done in a gorge. Through the Mariental you can walk on a well-maintained path consisting of wooden and sometimes metal walkways. It leads along and above the water of the small river and sometimes the gorge is very narrow (at minimum 68 cm) – only one person can pass at a time.

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Logotel, Eisenach

The Logotel is a hotel near the city center of Eisenach, Germany. It is not a beautiful boutique hotel but solid standard and absolutely sufficient for a nice weekend. The hotel feels a bit old-fashioned but it has all you need and also offers Sky television. Next to the hotel you can find the Greek restaurant Athen that is highly frequented and seems to be a good choice. Two supermarkets are close-by.

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Goldener Löwe

Goldener Löwe, Eisenach

The Goldener Löwe at Eisenach, Germany was once an ordinary restaurant (first mentioned in 1533). But on August 7th, 1869 an important event happened here: August Bebel and Wilhelm Liebknecht founded the Sozialdemokratische Arbeiterpartei (SDAP) during a congress. It was later merged with the Allgemeiner Deutscher Arbeiterverein (ADAV) founded by Ferdinand Lassalle. The organization created is today known as the Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD) – the oldest still existing political party in Germany.

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