Stumpfe Eiche

Mahnmal Stumpfe Eiche, Göttingen

Today Weende is a city quarter of Göttingen, Germany. It was an independent community until 1964 and as such it was (and it is still) remembering its fallen soldiers in both World Wars. In 1956 the stonemason August Voss had created a memorial made of sandstone which was placed in a small forest in a region called Stumpfe Eiche (after the former local name vor der stuven Eichen, referring to stubs of oaks once standing there). It is today a bit hidden, but you can see steps leading you from the street level into the forest. There the memorial is surrounded by seats. It is a nice place, but a problematic memorial.

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Pfalz Grona

Pfalz Grona, Göttingen

In former times the kings and emperors in Germany didn’t have permanent seats, they had royal palaces spread out over their realm and were travelling between them. From 915 to 1387 one of these places called Königspfalz or Kaiserpfalz was located on the territory of Göttingen, the Pfalz Grona (also known as Burg Grona). It is one of the roots of the city quarter Grone (even as today it belongs to the Weststadt) and kings and queens, emperors and empresses were enjoying their stays there – but it is mostly forgotten. There are only street names remembering the past (Pfalz-Grone-Breite, Burg Grona, Unter der Pfalz) and a memorial stone hidden in the forest on top of the Hagenberg mountain.

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Gröninger-Privatbrauerei, Hamburg

If you want to get a beer brewed in Hamburg, Germany, you might typically choose an Astra or Holsten. They’re the most famous ones, but the oldest brewery from 1793 at the oldest brewery location (used since 1722) is Gröninger. The Gröning Privatbrauerei produces a delicious, amber-colored Pilsener close to the historic Speicherstadt and Chilehaus. The building itself was built in 1761 and is one of the last Baroque-style buildings in the old city center; it is therefore protected as a cultural heritage since 1944.

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They’re all mad there

25h The Trip, Frankfurt am Main

If you’re going on a business trip to Frankfurt you can decide to do it the standard way and sleep in a shiny modern business hotel. Or you go for the crazy option and book the 25hours close to the main railway station. Yes, the red light district is not far and the atmosphere surrounding the hotel isn’t the best – but the hotel compensates that with lovely decorations, unusual facilities and great food.

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One hundred forty steps

Wildpark, Hardegsen

When you’re at Göttingen and want to see some animals, you don’t have too many options: the next zoological gardens are at Hannover and Frankfurt and the city just has the Kehr with some deer, wild boars and squirrels. A good option is the amazing Tierpark Sababurg at Hofgeismar, belonging to Hesse. But there is also an underrated option not far away: the Wildpark Hardegsen. It is owned by the small city of Hardegsen (7,500 inhabitants) and you don’t have to pay an entrance fee.

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Neue Residenz

Neue Residenz, Bamberg

The Neue Residenz is an impressive ancient building close to the cathedral of Bamberg. It was the residence of the bishops from 1604 on and replaced the Alte Hofhaltung on the opposite side of the street in this function. The building consists of two sections, one in Renaissance and one in Baroque style. From 1803 on the Neue Residenz became a home of the Bavarian kings when Bavaria expropriated church property on a large scale.

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Gärtnerstadt, Bamberg

The city center of Bamberg is a UNESCO world heritage site since 1993. And that is well-deserved because of the beautiful historic buildings in the old town (Bergstadt and Inselstadt) and the location along river Regnitz. After a short walk through the streets and over the many bridges you can only confirm this. But there is another part that belongs to the UNESCO world heritage site that is lesser known: the Gärtnerstadt.

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Odeon, Bamberg

Normally, when a multiplex cinema opens in a German city tough times start for the old, small arthouse cinemas. In Bamberg this is different: the multiplex cinema went into bankruptcy and the small cinemas survived. One of them is the Odeon not far from the main railway station. It is charming small cinema and watching a movie there is like travelling in time.

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