Dormero Hotel, Stuttgart

The DORMERO Hotel at Stuttgart, Germany is a giant hotel with two buildings at the SI-Centrum a little bit outside of the city. It is a business hotel with many fair visitors but also used by people that visit one of the musicals performed at the SI-Centrum. The style is special: when you enter the room it is lighted in red and you’ll ask yourself what kind of hotel you’ve booked. But therefore you get free Sky TV and free drinks in the minibar (and you can switch your room to green, yellow, blue or white, if you want).

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Zur Post

Gasthof zur Post, Kiefersfelden

I don‘t know how often we have crossed the Alps when I was a child. Every year I‘ve seen the Brennero on our way to Alto Adige, Italy – and many other families did so, too. We always drove the complete way from northern Germany – but if you want to split the long way in two the Gasthof Zur Post at Kiefersfelden, Germany is a good option.

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Stadtmuseum, Kassel

I don’t know how many times I passed the entrance of the Stadtmuseum of Kassel without entering it. It is located within the old Karlshospiz at the Ständeplatz but has the entrance in the rear. Maybe it were the windows closed with bricks that kept me from entering the building with the nice portal. At least I didn’t expect too many interesting things inside.

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Letter from QWERTZ-Buchstabenladen, Hannover

All around us in cities there are illuminated letters: company names, advertisements, signs. But where do they go when they’re not needed anymore? Some of them have a second life, get refurbished and decorate the homes of people. A nice place where you can buy your initials in different shapes, colours and sizes – from 20 centimeters to two meters – is the QWERTZ-Buchstabenladen in Hannover, Germany.

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Halitplatz, Kassel

If you’re visiting the north of Kassel, Germany along the Holländische Straße you might wonder about a strangely named place: the Halitplatz. It is a public space with a small memorial in front of a flower shop and it is named after Halit Yozgat, a former inhabitant of the city and owner of an Internet shop.

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Along river Ahne

Ahne, Ahnegraben, Kassel

The Naturpark Habichtswald close to Kassel, Germany offers numerous nice hiking trails. One of the best leads along the river Ahne – beginning at its source near the Essigberg. Following this trail you will pass a three kilometers long chestnut alley (the ‘Kastanienallee‘), you can make a detour to the Silbersee lake and you will see the Ahnegraben; an area where the river floats through a deep valley and creates little waterfalls.

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