Bus from Albania to Montenegro

Bus transfer Albania-Montenegro

I did not use long distance busses very often in the past. Within western Europe you would simply take a train. Only once I went by bus to Zagreb, Croatia because it was cheap and I wanted to try it. If you’re on the balkans the situation changes totally and as there are only a small number of railway tracks the long distance busses become means of transport #1. And I must admit I also enjoyed it.

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Hotel Colosseo

Hotel Colosseo, Tirana

If you’re travelling by long-distance bus to or from Tirana, Albania and without a too tight budget – then the hotel Colosseo might be a good option. It is a nice four star hotel at one of the streets leading to the city center and the Skanderbeg square. If you’re walking on foot to the bus station for busses going to the north (behind ‘Pallati Sportit Asllan Rusi‘) you’ll need about seven minutes. To the city center it is less than 15 minutes on foot.

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Surrounded by mountains

I love Tirana

Getting to Tirana, Albania was a great experience. I selected this place as I was last time in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and it felt as the logical next step. Western Europeans have strange prejudices about Albania, most often connected with organized crime and corruption. And some days before my flight a plane of my chosen airline was blocked at the airport of Tirana and the money transported with it was stolen. Not a good omen.

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Enver Hoxha

Villa of Enver Hoxha, Tirana

At Tirana, Albania it is hard to not get into contact with the history of former communist dictator Enver Hoxha. He was born in 1908 at Gjirokastra and as his family was wealthy he studied at France and Belgium. There he got in contact with communist ideas and when he returned home he first worked as a teacher for the French language.

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Fascism & Communism

Bunk'Art, Tirana

The regime of Enver Hoxha made sure to create enough bunkers throughout the country. But where would the government flee to in case of an attack on Tirana, Albania? In the eastern suburbs of the capital city you can find the answer: a giant fallout shelter. Close to the Dajti Ekspres you can find a long tunnel through a mountain and when leaving the tunnel and passing some buildings you can find the bunker entrances.

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Dajti Ekspres

Dajti, Tirana

If you want to escape from the city of Tirana, Albania to see the mountains and watch the city from above there is one very good option: to go to the house mountain of the city, the Dajti. It is 1613 meters high and located in the East of the city. On top you’ll find a restaurant and a rotating bar as well as a viewing platform. The mountain offers good opportunities for hiking, climbing, mountain biking and paragliding.

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Sky Tower

SkyTower, Tirana

The Sky Tower is my most favorite place for watching sundown and having a drink at Tirana, Albania. It is a skyscraper at the city quarter Blloku and located close to the Rinia park and the river Lana. You can easily find it as it has a rotating restaurant on top that turns 360 degrees within an hour. If you want to dine there you should reserve in advance, but there is also a reservation-free bar on the top level.

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Great park & lake

Artificial lake, Tirana

Getting some relaxation close to the city center is pretty easy in Tirana, Albania: in the south of the city you can find a giant park on a hill, the Parku i madh i Tiranës. First plans for creating this green area date back to 1939, but the realization of this 234 hectares large park started after World War II. Part of the park is also an artificial lake created between 1958 and 1960, the Liqeni Artificial i Tiranës.

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