Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is my most favorite place for watching sundown and having a drink at Tirana, Albania. It is a skyscraper at the city quarter Blloku and located close to the Rinia park and the river Lana. You can easily find it as it has a rotating restaurant on top that turns 360 degrees within an hour. If you want to dine there you should reserve in advance, but there is also a reservation-free bar on the top level.

On the ground floor of the skyscraper there is one entrance for the hotel located within the building. The entrance on the right leads you to an elevator on the outside of the building that brings you up to bar and restaurant. Already while going up you’ll have nice views on the city. The bar also serve some small snacks if you need some food in addition to the good drinks.

Sky Tower
Rruga Ibrahim Rugova
Tirana 1000

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