Moeder Lambic

Moeder Lambic (Fontainas), Bruxelles

The Moeder Lambic is one of these fantastic Belgian beer bars with two locations in Bruxelles. The one close to the city center extends in summertime to the Place Fontainas in front of the bar – a perfect outdoor location on hot days. The list of available beers is long, but you shouldn’t worry: You can’t take a wrong decision here and the friendly staff assists you well. Blame me, but the Kriek Framboise (raspberry-flavored beer) is always a good option.

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Délirium Café

Délirium Café, Bruxelles

The Délirium Café at Bruxelles reminds me to the bars of my youth: dark, a little bit shabby and always providing good beer. Maybe that’s why I like this bar so much. Get to the bar, select one of the beers (thirty from tap!) and find a delightful place in one of the many rooms of the house – it is a bit like a labyrinth. Today different bars have been connected and now form the Delirium Village. Logo of the bar is a pink elephant.

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Agora, Λεμεσός

If you’re looking for a lovely place to end your day at Λεμεσός, often the Saripolou square is recommended. It is a public place surrounded by many good bars and restaurants. In addition, there is the AGORA, a large food market as they’re spreading currently throughout Europe, where you can get food and drinks from different stalls and sit down in the middle.

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Caru’ cu bere

Ceru'cu bere, București

It’s no secret hint: the Caru’ cu bere (beer wagon) is a well-known bar and restaurant located in the city center of București, close to the Stavropoleos monastery. But it’s an icon of the city and exists since 1879 when the founders arrived from Transylvania. The recipe for their house beer (berea casei) was brought from Germany; additionally they’ve got a suitable selection of regional and international beers on the menu.

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Nomad Skybar, București

I like to end my days in sky bars with good views on the city I’m currently visiting. During the coronavirus pandemic this also became a security factor as the infection risk is much lower in open spaces. At București there is unfortunately no such place on a high building, but at least there is the Nomad Skybar at the heart of the old city center.

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Chacal, Kassel

If someone at Kassel tells you that he wants to meet at the Affenfelsen (ape rock) you should move towards the city quarter Vorderer Westen. The Rudolphsplatz there has been redesigned as an urban living room. People meet outside, sit down in this public area to talk, bring their own drinks and later move on to bars and clubs. And this all with a nice view towards the Herkules monument.

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Rooftop bar for railway lovers

View from PinkLime, Bern

I’m always in for a sundowner with good views. Bern offers different high-class rooftop bars but if you want something special you should visit the PinkLime for a beer, some cocktails, or classic Apéro snacks. By the way: the Apéro is not only an important tradition in France, but also in Switzerland. You meet with friends to talk and your drinks are always served with small snacks (cheese, olives, bread, dried meat, …).

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No photo!

Fristad Christiania, København

The Fristad Christiania is a special place in København. You shouldn’t walk in, enjoy the lights in the evening hours and try to take a photo. I made this error and was directly approached by someone who wanted to make sure that the picture is deleted – and therefore wanted to check my smartphone. Why is that? Christiania is still a place where illegal drugs are sold and consumed and clearly, nobody wants to be pictured while doing illegal things.

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Markthalle Neun

Markthalle Neun, Berlin

At the end of the 19th century, 14 market halls were created in Berlin, Germany. One of these is the Markthalle Neun and you can still see the ancient structures of the building. Formerly you could buy all kinds of food at around 300 market stands. Usage declined over time but then a new concept was found: in addition to a low-cost discounter, the market hall now contains many stands for regional, fair-trade and organic food.

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The Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes, London

In between all those pubs in London, England there are some that stand out. One of them I like most is The Sherlock Holmes in Northumberland Street. You can find it between Trafalgar square and river Thames, next to the Charing Cross and Embankment stations. Downstairs you can enjoy a pint while watching some Sherlock Holmes movies. Upstairs it is a cosy restaurant and you can find a detailed reproduction of the study within Baker Street 221b.

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