Hot Legs

Hot Legs, Kassel

It sounds much more erotic than it really is: the bar Hot Legs at Kassel, Germany. This venue was once decorated with the legs of display dummies – and therefore it received its name. Today it is just a nice and a little bit shabby bar at the Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, neighboring other party locations. Here they show major sports events and on Wednesdays you can often listen to live music.

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Ulenspiegel, Kassel

It is an institution at the city quarter Vorderer Westen of Kassel, Germany. The Ulenspiegel is a nice little beer and wine bar at the intersection of Goethestraße and Querallee. Inside it has a quite dark and relaxing atmosphere, you can get good drinks and listen to rock music. In summer there are also seats outside and it is much easier to find a place than in winter.

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Fiasko, Kassel

The Fiasko (‘fizzle‘) is a nice alternative bar at the city quarter Wehlheiden of Kassel, Germany. They serve good drinks (even if they put strange fruits into the Altbierbowle), you can play pool billiard and listen to rock music. In addition they offer meals from Hesse but also international standards.

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