View from FREIgeist Skybar, Göttingen

There aren’t many spots from which you can enjoy great views on the city center of Göttingen: you can get to the canteen of the Neues Rathaus, access the small terrace of the Kunsthaus or get on top of the Bismarckturm. But none of them normally gives you the chance to have a delicious sundowner while focusing the university town’s skyline. Fortunately, the FREIgeist hotel brings good food and drinks to the Nordstadt of Göttingen – an area in the past not known for fine dining and great cocktails. It has indeed the only real rooftop bar of the city, so get a drink and enjoy sundown!

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God’s Own Junkyard

God's Own Junkyard, Walthamstow

It is a place you can only love: a warehouse at the end of the world full of illuminated, crazy neon lights. A strange collection of colorful lights from former bars, night clubs, discos and casinos and in-between all that a lot of cozy seats of a bar serving plain food and drinks. Meanwhile it is surrounded by other pop-up bars and food trucks that turn this industrial zone in a London suburb into a nice party area.

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Salt, Oslo

When you’re walking from the Operahuset of Oslo along the fjord and the Langkaia road you will see an improvised cultural center with pyramid shaped houses, the SALT. It is a nomadic art project created in 2014 that was already set-up at Nordland and Bergen, currently it can be found at Oslo. The current allowance guarantees its perfect location until 2027, but you never know whether it is going to be extended. It hosts six stages used for a colorful mix of art and different food trucks; you can order drinks and food via smartphone and they get delivered to the tables next to the water.

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Gröninger-Privatbrauerei, Hamburg

If you want to get a beer brewed in Hamburg, Germany, you might typically choose an Astra or Holsten. They’re the most famous ones, but the oldest brewery from 1793 at the oldest brewery location (used since 1722) is Gröninger. The Gröning Privatbrauerei produces a delicious, amber-colored Pilsener close to the historic Speicherstadt and Chilehaus. The building itself was built in 1761 and is one of the last Baroque-style buildings in the old city center; it is therefore protected as a cultural heritage since 1944.

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Flying Dutch

Flying Dutch, Helsinki

I’m an absolute fan of the concept to put bars on boats: sunshine and fresh air combined with good views and drinks. What does one want more for a break during a city trip? If you agree, take a look at the Flying Dutch anchoring between the city center of Helsinki and the hipster quarter Kallio; on the Kaisaniemenlahti lake, next to the Pitkäsilta bridge.

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Craft beer

Dubrovnik Beer Company, Dubrovnik

If you choose the rather remote harbor area of Dubrovnik for your stay you have good connections with the bus terminal and the cruise ship terminal nearby. But there aren’t many good options for a chilled beer and some good food. The exception is the DBC, the Dubrovnik Beer Company close to the roundabout. There you’ll get some fine self-brewed craft beer, they offer tours and sometimes there is also live music.

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Moeder Lambic

Moeder Lambic (Fontainas), Bruxelles

The Moeder Lambic is one of these fantastic Belgian beer bars with two locations in Bruxelles. The one close to the city center extends in summertime to the Place Fontainas in front of the bar – a perfect outdoor location on hot days. The list of available beers is long, but you shouldn’t worry: You can’t take a wrong decision here and the friendly staff assists you well. Blame me, but the Kriek Framboise (raspberry-flavored beer) is always a good option.

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Délirium Café

Délirium Café, Bruxelles

The Délirium Café at Bruxelles reminds me to the bars of my youth: dark, a little bit shabby and always providing good beer. Maybe that’s why I like this bar so much. Get to the bar, select one of the beers (thirty from tap!) and find a delightful place in one of the many rooms of the house – it is a bit like a labyrinth. Today different bars have been connected and now form the Delirium Village. Logo of the bar is a pink elephant.

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Agora, Λεμεσός

If you’re looking for a lovely place to end your day at Λεμεσός, often the Saripolou square is recommended. It is a public place surrounded by many good bars and restaurants. In addition, there is the AGORA, a large food market as they’re spreading currently throughout Europe, where you can get food and drinks from different stalls and sit down in the middle.

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