Göttingen didn’t have many museums and art exhibition halls in the past. That started to change in 2008 when publisher Gerhard Steidl and mayor Wolfgang Meyer presented the idea of the Kunstquartier (art quarter, KuQua) with an art exhibition place at its heart: the Kunsthaus. In 2021 this place for exhibiting works on paper, photography and new media was finally opened and now attracts national and international visitors.

The architecture itself is spectacular with a facade that has been heavily discussed as it is modern as the art presented inside, yet it imitates the look of the half-timbered houses surrounding it. On different levels, you can now visit four rooms that are used to present changing art exhibitions, starting with New York-based artist Roni Horn and the exhibition You are the weather.

Don’t miss out the fantastic views from the roof! If you need a break – there is a playground surrounded by trees in the backyard. The Kunsthaus is additionally used for yoga classes and after-work events. Let’s see what will happen there in the future. Visiting this place is free for the next five years with the help of sponsors.

Kunsthaus Göttingen
Düstere Straße 7
37073 Göttingen


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