The Niedensteiner Kopf is a 475 meters high mountain close to the small city of Niedenstein, Germany. It is a good strategic point and therefore there was also a fortress built in the year 1160 CE which was used for more than 400 years – some remains can still be seen today. In 1931 a watchtower was created on top of the mountain: the Hessenturm. It changed over time but it is still there and attracts hikers and families on excursions.

You can climb up on wooden stairs and enjoy fantastic views on the area surrounding the mountain: you can see the Weidelsburg castle and even easily spot where Kassel is located because of the tower on the Hohes Gras that is visible. The tower is surrounded by many tables and benches and on Sundays, coffee is served. An absolutely lovely target destination for a hike, but beware: the final ascent is very steep.


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