Crossing the Czech Republic

Praha, Czech Republic

Autumn is road trip time! And after looking on a map of Poland there was only one spot left, I haven’t visited in the past: Kraków. And as I have not been to Praha during the last 15 years I decided to cross the entire Czech Republic with stops in Praha and Brno and to drive over the border to Kraków. The most important reason indeed was, that I had not visited a concentration camp before – something that felt odd as I was even travelling to Jerusalem, Israel to learn more about the Shoa.

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Brno by night

Brno, Czech Republic

I decided to stay overnight at Brno, Czech Republic instead of Praha – because I wanted to get away from the massive tourist streams in this city. And yes, because it was well positioned on my travel route. This was a good decision, because Brno feels like the real Česko. A young and very vivid city with a surprisingly good nightlife.

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Hotel Slavia

Hotel Slavia, Brno

I didn’t know what to expect when travelling towards the hotel “Slavia” in Brno, Czech Republic. What I found was a wonderful, classic-styled hotel at the city center of Brno, fitting very well to this town. Everything there feels a bit old, from the interior of the rooms to the automatic swing door at the entrance. But this made me immediatly feel comfortable and at home.

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