Soos and Císařský pramen

Somewhere in the Czech Republic close to Skalná and not to far from the border to Germany you can find the nature protection area Soos – which means swamp in the local dialect. It is a special area because nearly 200 hot mineral springs come up here what makes the area beautiful in all seasons.

From the parking lot a wooden path leads you through the swamp – and that is always fun for our youngest one. The first spring you will see is the emperors spring or Císařský pramen. It is framed with stones and obviously contains sulphur – you can smell it intensively.

Along the path you will find numerous places where hot water is bubbling from the earth and sometimes you can see the colorful water run in rivers through the grass. We were there in winter and therefore the contrast between white snow and brown water was especially beautiful.

In earlier days this region was used to create turf and to gather different minerals from the water. This was also used for health treatments. Today the area is a nature protection area and in high season you have to pay a fee to see it. There is also a restaurant and the narrow-gauge railway Kateřina operating on weekends.

Nature reserve Soos
Cezch Republic

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