Hotel Slavia

I didn’t know what to expect when travelling towards the hotel “Slavia” in Brno, Czech Republic. What I found was a wonderful, classic-styled hotel at the city center of Brno, fitting very well to this town. Everything there feels a bit old, from the interior of the rooms to the automatic swing door at the entrance. But this made me immediatly feel comfortable and at home.

The hotel is a five minutes walk away from the castle hill and just around the corner of Náměstí Svobody. Exploring the city from here on foot is easily possible. And the best if you’re on a road trip: there are reserved parking lots in front of the hotel – you just have to get a parking permission at the reception. Don’t let your GPS mislead you: the one-way streets have changed and you can now drive directly from the main street to the hotel.

Solniční 17
602 00 Brno-střed
Czech Republic

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