Fabrika hostel, თბილისი

Maybe the best place to stay and party at თბილისი is Fabrika. It was once a Soviet sewing factory but has been turned into a fantastic multi-functional space with a hostel, bars, restaurants, artist studios and a co-working space. At daytime the large shared living room invites you to hang out, read or work. In the evening hours the inner yard transforms into a party zone with many people enjoying the atmosphere and some drinks.

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Anker hotel, Oslo

Oslo provides a plentitude of hotel options. If you want to have a place close to the city center that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, the Anker Hotel might be a good option. It is a rather modern hotel at the city quarter Storgata, next to the border to Grünerløkka – an alternative and beloved city quarter. The Anker Hotel offers different options; from student housing via a hostel to the hotel itself. Rooms are suitable and the breakfast is sufficiently good; the breakfast room just might be overcrowded if you arrive at the wrong point in time.

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Hofsstaðir, Iceland

The Hofsstaðir gistiheimili is a guesthouse in a remote location close to Sauðárkrókur. From the rooms you’ve got nice views on the valley and the river which spreads with different river arms pretty wide. On arrival you’ll bet at a round place with a restaurant and the reception as well as different small houses surrounding it. Hofsstaðir was one of the hotels I enjoyed most: every room has two terraces with chairs to sit outside and the armchairs inside were really cozy.

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Narfastaðir, Laugar

The Narfastaðir guesthouse is a place to feel like at home. It is a simple but good hotel at a remote location close to Laugar, directly at the ring road. And thereby it is the perfect place to explore the Mývatn area just around the corner. What I really liked there is that they have a central shared living room; you don’t have to stay in your hotel room or hang out in the restaurant – you can just sit on a sofa in between other visitors, read a book, chat or watch TV.

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1001 Nótt

Hotel 1001 Nott, Egilsstaðir

The Hótel 1001 Nótt feels like the best hotel you can find on the island. It is located outside of Egilsstaðir and every room has giant glass windows to the outside world. On one side of the building there are the mountains and a large forest in front, on the other side it is the wonderful lake – both ones are amazing. Next to the hotel there is a waterfall and you can also use two hot tubs.

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Harbor, Djúpivogur

In the East of Iceland you can find Djúpivogur, a small harbor city with a long trading history; merchants from Hamburg where the first doing business here. Today the village has 400 400 inhabitants working on fishing and tourism, sometimes smaller cruise ships anchor here underneath the 1,000 meters high and triangle-shaped mountain Búlandstindur. Most often tourists do have an overnight stop here because of the position on the ring road.

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Norðurey Hotel City Garden

Norðurey Hotel City Garden, Reykjavík

The Norðurey Hotel at Reykjavík is the perfect motel if you’re exploring Iceland by car and want to have a pitstop at the capital city. The check-in is fully automated, you’ll receive a five-digit code upfront to your stay by e-mail. This code opens the front door of the hotel as well as your hotel room. The region around the hotel is quiet and there are parking lots in front that might be already full if you arrive late; but than you’ll easily find space to park your car in the streets surrounding the hotel.

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Centrally located

View from ibis Hotel, Скопје

There are plenty of good hotel options at Скопје, North Macedonia. One that suited all my needs was the ibis located opposite to the Brutalist-style telecommunication building connected to the famous post office. It can be found in a quiet side street, just a stone’s throw away from the Macedonia Square. Via a bridge next to the hotel you can reach the old town very fast and the transfer from the airport also brings you close to this place.

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