Mayfair hotel, Πάφος

Checking-in at the Mayfair hotel at Πάφος is like entering the party zone. It is one of these classic all-inclusive hotels that people book that want to hang out at the pool all day, need children’s entertainment and like all food and drinks already paid. Unfortunately, I only found at about this when reaching the hotel.

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Lights, Λάρνακα

The island of Cyprus is a place that you can best explore by car. Many interesting places are far away from civilization and every city on the island can be explored within one day. Therefore, I planned a roundtrip in the Greek part of the island and booked a different hotel for each and every day. On the first day I arrived already in darkness, had to navigate while trying to stay on the left side of the road and I didn’t want to search for a car park after a long day of travelling. That’s why I booked a hotel at Λάρνακα that would normally never see me, the E-Hotel.

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K+K Elisabeta, București

The K+K Elisabeta is a nice and not overpriced hotel close to the city center of București. It is located northeast of the old town close to the Teatrul National. You can easily reach it with the metro which stops at Universitate. From there you walk to the east passing along the agriculture ministry. Directly behind that building you must turn right into Strada Slănic and you’ll see the hotel immediately on the left side.

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City am Bahnhof

Hotel City am Bahnhof, Bern

Switzerland is an extremely expensive country. You can pay a fortune for a vacation there and hotel rates are remarkably high as well. If you don’t need an extraordinary, beautiful hotel because you’re just on a city trip you might decide to have a look at the hotel ‘City am Bahnhof‘. It has one particularly important advantage: it is located just across the road when leaving the main railway station of Bern.

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Andersen Boutique Hotel

Andersen Boutique Hotel, København

Getting by train to København, Denmark, is easy and highly recommended – when coming from central Europe you’ll cross the water on long bridges two times (Lillebælt and Storebælt). When doing so it is always nice to have a hotel close to the railway station. One of these is the Andersen Boutique Hotel conveniently located only three minutes on foot from the København H main railway stop. It is a beautiful boutique hotel with nice rooms and friendly staff.

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Next to the Nikolaikirche

Motel One Nikolaikirche, Leipzig

The Motel One Nikolaikirche is in the perfect location: directly in the city centre of Leipzig, Germany, next to to the Nikolaikirche. It is an easy and pleasant six minutes walk along streets with art nouveau decorations from the railway station to the hotel. The old town hall, Auerbachs Keller and the Museum der bildenden Künste are just around the corner. It is a good hotel chain and I absolutely love their reduced design. The bar, of course, is called 89 and the decorations show scenes from the peaceful German revolution in 1989 – the way to German reunification.

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Ghotel, Essen

The Ghotel is another hotel close to the main railway station of Essen, Germany. It is a modern and nice three-star hotel and seems to be brand-new. You can easily reach it on foot from the railway station and as there also U11 stops it is in the ideal location for visitors of the fair at Essen. It belongs to a hotel chain from Bonn, Germany which currently expands its list of locations (you can also find them at Hannover and Göttingen, for example).

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Sleeping at the station

H+ Hotel, Lübeck

The Lübecker Handelshof is a beautiful building from the year 1924 and directly attached to the main railway station of Lübeck, Germany. It is today a building protected by law and inside you will find a quite good hotel, the H+ Hotel. It is a modern hotel which is nice, well-designed and clean. For visiting the city it is in a very good position: extremely close to the railway station and it is also only a short walk to the city centre and the concert hall MuK.

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Coral Beach Hotel and Resort

Coral Beach Hotel, بيروت

The Coral Beach Hotel is a nice hotel in the South of بيروت, Lebanon. It is very recommendable especially in summer – with a wonderful pool between the buildings and access to the Mediterranean sea, even as there is no beach. It formerly belonged to the Sheraton group and has large rooms and a good restaurant. The location of the hotel is the big advantage in summer, but also a big disadvantage as you always need to take a taxi to access the city centre. It is a ten minutes taxi ride from there to the city and also to the airport.

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