Not too far away

prizotel, Hannover

When I first checked into a prizeotel (close to the railway station of Bremen, Germany) I immediately fell in love with their concept. It’s simple, with vibrant colours and the design of the rooms is simply clever. If that’s something you like too, this cheap design hotel chain might be a good choice for you. The one in Hannover, Germany is a little bit aside but not too far away from the main railway station.

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Dormero Hotel, Stuttgart

The DORMERO Hotel at Stuttgart, Germany is a giant hotel with two buildings at the SI-Centrum a little bit outside of the city. It is a business hotel with many fair visitors but also used by people that visit one of the musicals performed at the SI-Centrum. The style is special: when you enter the room it is lighted in red and you’ll ask yourself what kind of hotel you’ve booked. But therefore you get free Sky TV and free drinks in the minibar (and you can switch your room to green, yellow, blue or white, if you want).

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HolidayInn Seafront, Brighton

The HolidayInn Brighton Seafront is no extraordinary beauty, but it has one strong advantage: its location. You can find it at the Brighton city beach directly next to the British Airway i360 (the giant asparagus damaging the coastline) and the ruins of the West Pier. It is easy to find and it’s only a tiny walk to the water of the English channel. The hotel is a classic HolidayInn hotel and comes with a good bar and full English breakfast.

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Zur Post

Gasthof zur Post, Kiefersfelden

I don‘t know how often we have crossed the Alps when I was a child. Every year I‘ve seen the Brennero on our way to Alto Adige, Italy – and many other families did so, too. We always drove the complete way from northern Germany – but if you want to split the long way in two the Gasthof Zur Post at Kiefersfelden, Germany is a good option.

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Ramada Podgorica Hotel

Hotel Ramada, Podgorica

The Ramada hotel at Podgorica, Montenegro is an absolute alien. A modern, futuristic building between rather unrenovated Soviet style residential buildings. It is the opposite of living like a local in this region of the capital city. I should have avoided this hotel therefore, but I loved it instead for different reasons: I arrived late in the evening at the bus station of Podgorica close to the railway station – from there it was an easy walk within eight minutes to the hotel.

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Hotel Porto In

Hotel Porto In, Kotor

The hotel Porto In is a good hotel in Kotor, Montenegro. It is located between the old town of the city and the long-distance bus station (which is only four minutes on foot away). The rooms are rather large and every room seems to have a balcony or a terrace. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t see the bay of Kotor from my room, but that didn’t matter much – you can reach the harbour and the old town within three minutes.

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Hotel Colosseo

Hotel Colosseo, Tirana

If you’re travelling by long-distance bus to or from Tirana, Albania and without a too tight budget – then the hotel Colosseo might be a good option. It is a nice four star hotel at one of the streets leading to the city center and the Skanderbeg square. If you’re walking on foot to the bus station for busses going to the north (behind ‘Pallati Sportit Asllan Rusi‘) you’ll need about seven minutes. To the city center it is less than 15 minutes on foot.

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