The Mývatn lake is one of the most-beloved areas for tourists on Iceland. Around the lake you’ll find lava fields, volcanos to climb, geothermal spas and bubbling mud pits. If you like you can also cycle around the lake. The name of the lake itself tells you about the plague of this region: Mývatn means mosquito. You shouldn’t worry too much as they’re not biting, they’re just flying around you and are therefore only a little bit annoying. You can buy a net to protect your head in different locations but I deemed that to be superfluous.

A good starting point at the beautiful lake are the pseudo craters now covered in green. It were gas bubbles coming to the top, no lava eruptions. They form a wonderful area that is today inhabited by different bird species; if you are a ornithologist this is the place for you to be. But you can also just take a hike in the area and climb on top of the craters and enjoy good views on the region.


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