Lava field

2,000 years ago lava came out of the earth and created a lava lake close to the Mývatn lake. Water vaporized underneath and created impressive stone structures: domes and arches, rock windows and hollow structures. Today you can hike through the Dimmuborgir (‘dark rocks’) area and discover them. Imagination can create stories about this bizarre shaped rock structures. The most famous is the Kirkjan which looks like a Gothic-style church.

From the road surrounding the lake a paved road takes you to the entrance where you’ll also find a restaurant and toilets. A viewpoint gives you an overview on the area and different hiking routes from just 10 minutes up to an hour are shown on a map and clearly marked throughout the lava field. Unfortunately visitors have left the routes in the past and now the desire paths had to be blocked. But there is way enough to see from the original tracks.


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