Steep ascent

Ready for some sports? Near the Mývatn lake you will see a former black volcano, the Hverfjall. It is 452 meters high and has a fantastic clear geometry. It was created by an eruption series 2,500 years ago but also later smaller eruptions happened inside the old structures. How to get up? Well, there is a path leading straight up into the caldera. It is very, very steep and hiking up on volcanic ash is quite painful – but the views from the top are fantastic.

Once you’ve reached the top of the volcano you cannot only look inside (no smoke or magma visible), you can walk along the outer rim and have a look at the lake and the nearby Dimmuborgir lava field. You can reach the Hverfjall by leaving the road around the lake at the right place and follow a gravel road to a parking area. It is a private parking and the owner asks you for donations to keep up the service. Next to the parking area there is also a small information hut and a toilet.


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