Gates of Hell

In close vicinity to the Mývatn lake you can easily spot the geothermal area. If you hope that the steam coming out of the earth is a geyser you will be disappointed: it is an electric power point creating electricity from geothermic energy. There is also a natural spa making use of the power of the earth, but the real star is behind the mountain: an area full of bubbling mud and sulfur smokers in a moon-like environment.

The area with the colorful ground seems to have different names. It is called the Hverir underneath the Námafjall mountain, but it is also called the fumaroles of Námaskarð. Whatever, it is a special place where you can observe post volcanic emissions (fumaroles) of gases like hydrogen sulfide or carbon dioxide. They come out of noisy smokestacks or make the mud bubbling. Could watch that for hours… If you arrive by car don’t forget to pay for parking at the payment machine: they capture your license plate when entering and leaving the parking area.

Námafjall mountain

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