1001 Nótt

The Hótel 1001 Nótt feels like the best hotel you can find on the island. It is located outside of Egilsstaðir and every room has giant glass windows to the outside world. On one side of the building there are the mountains and a large forest in front, on the other side it is the wonderful lake – both ones are amazing. Next to the hotel there is a waterfall and you can also use two hot tubs.

Once you’ve reached the clearly marked exit on road 95 you’ll need to follow a short unpaved road to the hotel. If you want to get your luggage from the large parking area to your room: there is a golf kart you can simply use to circle around the hotel to your room. Breakfast there is simple, but it was the best breakfast I had on the entire island. Definitely a recommendation!

Hótel 1001 Nótt

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