Geothermal infinity

One of the highlights on Iceland is what they make out of geothermic energy. In different places you’ll find amazing spas that are operated in summer as well as in winter times – because the necessary energy is taken from the earth. At Fellabær very close to Egilsstaðir they’ve created a very relaxing place, the Vök baths. In addition to the pools on land with good views on the Urriðavatn lake they’ve built two floating infinity pools with water up to 41 degrees Celsius hot.

As always in Iceland there is a pool bar serving you beer, wine or other drinks and you don’t have to leave the hot water to get a refreshment. Vök baths also offers a steam room and a cold nebular shower which is extremely enjoyable. Don’t forget to have your tea in the reception area once you’ve finished your stay. Vök baths isn’t a cheap experience but very worth visiting. A bit unusual for me was that you are allowed to bring your smartphone and take pictures, but that is normal on the entire island.

Vök Baths

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