Hufeland-Therme, Bad Pyrmont

What would a health treatment in a German Kurstadt be without a nice spa? At Bad Pyrmont you can relax at the Hufeland-Therme which partially receives its waters from a natural spring. You can relax in the salty waters in an indoor and an outdoor pool or sweat a bit at the sauna. A modern spa that is worth its price!

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Hallenbad Süd

Hallenbad Süd, Kassel

The Hallenbad Süd is an indoor swimming pool at the city quarter Brückenhof of Kassel, Germany. It is existing since 1971 but it was completely refurbished in 2010 and is a very modern facility. You will find two pools – one for children and a 25 metres sports pool. Within Kassel, the Hallenbad Süd is rather remote but it is worth getting here. Only day tickets are offered and cost 3,50 Euro – the same you would pay for 1,5 hours in the Auebad (if you get a discount by getting a customer loyalty card).

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Sachsen-Therme, Leipzig

If you need some relaxation or want to do some sports at Leipzig, Germany, the Sachsen-Therme might be your choice. It is a spa in the city quarter Paunsdorf in the East of the city and therefore a little bit remote. Therefore, it has everything you need: a whirlpool, a flow channel, artificial waves, a sauna, an outdoor pool and a 25-meter sports pool. It feels a little bit like a copy of the Ostsee-Therme (Scharbeutz) and the Westfalen-Therme (Bad Lippspringe) if you’ve seen one of them.

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Auebad, Kassel

If you want to go swimming in Kassel, Germany, then the Auebad might be your best choice. It is a combination of an indoor family spa with water slides, a sauna area, a pool for sports and an outdoor pool. The Auebad is located next to the river Fulda and the Staatspark Karlsaue. Swimming has a long tradition there as already in 1923 the mayor of Kassel, Philipp Scheidemann (yes, the one that in 1918 announced the German Republic) created a place at this location where it was safely possible to swim in the river.

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Therme Erding

Therme, Erding

The Therme Erding is one of the biggest spas in Europe located in Erding, Germany. It is 180.000 squaremeters large and welcomes 1.7 million visitors a year. It is divided into two sections with separate entrances: the sauna and one pool area is only for persons older than 16, another pool under palms, the vast water slides area and the artificial waves section is open to all age classes. Continue reading “Therme Erding”

Swimming with penguins

Spreewelten, Lübbenau

The Spreewald (or Błota in Lower Sorbian) is a nice former swamp area where you can hike, ride your bycicle, do canoeing or let yourself be taken around in small traditional ships. But what if the weather is bad? In Lübbenau, Germany there is also a nice spa – the Spreewelten. It is quite a typical indoor and outdoor adventure pool – with artificial waves, a small restaurant and a lazy river. Continue reading “Swimming with penguins”