Sulphur baths

Gulos thermal spa, თბილისი

The legend says that თბილისი was founded exactly at its current location because of hot springs that existed in different places throughout the city. The water coming from these springs contains sulphur and iron and is therefore a bit smelly, but it is also said to be healthy. I cannot prove that, but at least it is relaxing to hang out in hot water. 😉 The hot springs of თბილისი are typically between 24 and 45 degrees Celsius warm and today you’ll find the spas using them only in one place: the spa quarter underneath the Nariqala fortress next to the old city center.

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Calypso, Saarbrücken

In need for a break while being at Saarbrücken, Germany? Close to the Deutsch-Französischer Garten (DFG) you can find the Calypso Bade- & Saunawelt; a nice spa and sauna. Families will enjoy the bathing section with a special children’s area, a diving section with a reef and a sunken submarine and a wild river. The sauna part of the Calypso offers relaxation in different kinds of saunas, a nice outdoor pool and at the great bar located within.

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Salt, Oslo

When you’re walking from the Operahuset of Oslo along the fjord and the Langkaia road you will see an improvised cultural center with pyramid shaped houses, the SALT. It is a nomadic art project created in 2014 that was already set-up at Nordland and Bergen, currently it can be found at Oslo. The current allowance guarantees its perfect location until 2027, but you never know whether it is going to be extended. It hosts six stages used for a colorful mix of art and different food trucks; you can order drinks and food via smartphone and they get delivered to the tables next to the water.

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Sky Lagoon

Sky Lagoon, Reykjavík

When you’re at Reykjavík and searching for the right spa to relax you have a tough choice to make. You can drive by car to the Reykjanes peninsula and visit the famous blue lagoon (Bláa Lónið). They market it as one of the wonders of the world, but actually it is just a (beautiful!) lake in a volcanic environment filled with water from a geothermic plant. If you want to skip this often overcrowded place you should have a look at the sky lagoon directly in the capital city. It was opened in 2021 and is located directly at the shore.

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Skógarböð, Akureyri

One of the traditions I created while travelling on Iceland was to spend the evening hours in geothermic spas. And fortunately Akureyri has a good option for that: the Skógarböð or forest lagoon. It is located on the other side of the fiord and you need to cross it on the dam. Directly when this connection reaches the other side there is the entrance to the spa. Its unique feature is that it is within a forest, letting you relax in hot water between the trees.

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Next to the lighthouse

Geosea, Húsavík

After an exhausting day of sightseeing and whale watching there is nothing better then a geothermal spa. Directly next to the lighthouse of Húsavík you can find the Geosea, an outdoor pool with great views on the sea. It has three pool areas with different temperatures and steam room. The little waterfall running from there into the fiord is indeed no real waterfall: it is the overflow of the spa.

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Geothermal infinity

Vök baths, Fellabær

One of the highlights on Iceland is what they make out of geothermic energy. In different places you’ll find amazing spas that are operated in summer as well as in winter times – because the necessary energy is taken from the earth. At Fellabær very close to Egilsstaðir they’ve created a very relaxing place, the Vök baths. In addition to the pools on land with good views on the Urriðavatn lake they’ve built two floating infinity pools with water up to 41 degrees Celsius hot.

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Hufeland-Therme, Bad Pyrmont

What would a health treatment in a German Kurstadt be without a nice spa? At Bad Pyrmont you can relax at the Hufeland-Therme which partially receives its waters from a natural spring. You can relax in the salty waters in an indoor and an outdoor pool or sweat a bit at the sauna. A modern spa that is worth its price!

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