Bodensee-Therme, Konstanz

The region around Lake Constance is one which offers a lot for tourists and especially for the cold and rainy days that happen throughout the year multiple spas have been created along the shore of the lake. The one closest to Konstanz is the Bodensee-Therme, an indoor and outdoor pool as well as a sauna three kilometers afar from the city center. In summer times you can also jump into the lake for relaxation. The Bodensee-Therme is beautifully illuminated at night and the best feature is the nice view on the lake from the outside pool.

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Imperia, Konstanz

If you mention the city of Konstanz to me the first thing that pops up in my head is the image of Imperia, the female statue standing at the harbor entrance of Konstanz. The funny thing is: it is a modern statue created by Peter Lenk and inaugurated in 1993. The 18 tones heavy statue is rotating continuously and already has become an icon if the city – and that is special because of what it is showing: a prostitute holding a naked pope and a naked king in her hands.

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Lake Constance

Lake Constance, Germany

Konstanz, Germany is a very good starting point to discover Lake Constance (in Germany called “Bodensee“). It is a very big lake with a surface of 536 km² and river Rhein is running through it. Three countries have access to the waters: Switzerland, Austria (with the town of Bregenz and the theatre at the shore) and Germany with Lindau, Friedrichshafen and Konstanz as the most important cities.

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