Lake Constance

Konstanz, Germany is a very good starting point to discover Lake Constance (in Germany called “Bodensee“). It is a very big lake with a surface of 536 km² and river Rhein is running through it. Three countries have access to the waters: Switzerland, Austria (with the town of Bregenz and the theatre at the shore) and Germany with Lindau, Friedrichshafen and Konstanz as the most important cities.

Many ships move on the Lake Constance and most tourists start their tour with a cruise. An important sight is also the “Blumeninsel Mainau” – and island on which is beautiful garden with an uncountable number of flowers exists. What really irritated me is that most of the lake belongs to the federal state of Baden-Württemberg – but when you cross the lake over to Lindau you are surprisingly at Bavaria!

I found this out because of the dialect spoken there and the types of beer offered. 😉 I did never expect that Bavaria has a small “finger” in the south-west that reaches to the Lake Constance.

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