Fortuna Ehrenfeld, acht&siebzig, Hannover

The Coronavirus changed everything in 2020. From one day to the other many things making life enjoyable became impossible and that included for sure also concerts. It is still absolutely unimaginable to stand in large crowds, sing and dance. All events are moved into 2021 and bands, concert venues and tour organizers are facing pretty tough times. After half a year without live music, I‘m also suffering and realizing what a luxury culture is.

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Kettcar, Fährmannsfest, Hannover

The Fährmannsfest at Hannover, Germany is one of these music festivals that evolved over time and became bigger and bigger. Founded in 1983 it was first a free open air concert with local bands financed by selling food and drinks. Today even some well-known bands play here in front of up to 10.000 visitors and for two of the three days of the festival you now have to buy a ticket.

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Großer Garten

Großer Garten, Herrenhäuser Gärten, Hannover

The Großer Garten (great garden) is the centerpiece of the Herrenhäuser Gärten and the most important tourist highlight of Hannover, Germany. It is a vast French formal garden that is seen as one of the most significant of its kind. The garden has a rectangular shape and is 905 meters long and 555 meters wide. It dates back to the 17th century CE.

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Berggarten, Herrenhäuser Gärten, Hannover

In 1666 the House of Welf was in need of a place to grow vegetables and created the Berggarten on a sand dune from the last glacial period (therefore the name ‘mountain garden‘). Later greenhouses were built to grow rice, tobacco and morus plants. Since the year 1750 it is solely a botanical garden and one of the oldest in Germany. It also contains a mausoleum for members of the House of Welf.

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Townhall or castle?

Neues Rathaus, Hannover

It is one of the most beautiful townhall buildings in Germany: the Neues Rathaus at Hannover. That is a bit confusing as the ‘new’ townhall is already pretty old – it was built between 1903 and 1911 CE. It became necessary as the old townhall building from the year 1230 became too small because of the massive expansion of the city. It really looks like a castle and is still in use today – as the seat of the administration and the mayor.

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Niedersächsischer Landtag, Hannover

Next to the river Leine in the center of Hannover, Germany you can find a building with Greek columns in front: the Niedersächsischer Landtag, the parliament of the federal state of Lower Saxony. It is located in the Leineschloss – a former castle in neoclassical style that was used by the kings of Hannover until 1866. Now the representatives of the people rule there.

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Dark arts

Marktkirche, Hannover

When you arrive at the central railway station of Hannover, Germany and walk towards the city center you can’t overlook a church tower made of red bricks. It belongs to the Marktkirche St. Georgii et Jacobi, a protestant church. Easily visible are also the special shapes on the outside of the tower: a pentagram in a ring and two hexagrams with each a clock inside.

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