Letter from QWERTZ-Buchstabenladen, Hannover

All around us in cities there are illuminated letters: company names, advertisements, signs. But where do they go when they’re not needed anymore? Some of them have a second life, get refurbished and decorate the homes of people. A nice place where you can buy your initials in different shapes, colours and sizes – from 20 centimeters to two meters – is the QWERTZ-Buchstabenladen in Hannover, Germany.

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Waschweiber, Hannover

Almost everyone has been in the situation to use a self-laundry service and knows how boring it can be to sit there and wait. But the Waschweiber self-laundry service at Hannover, Germany changes this situation. It is a coffee bar combined with a self-laundry service and people also get here for a coffee if they have nothing to clean.

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Black light

NeonGolf, Hannover

We didn’t play crazy golf (or miniature golf) too often when I was young – mostly when we were somewhere on vacation; but I remember it as a funny thing. During the years the game became less “en vogue” but now there is a trend that makes it more interesting: black light crazy golf. Continue reading “Black light”

The Kirin

Kirin, Hannover

The Restaurant Kirin is a Japanese restaurant in Hannover, Germany. It is a huge location most people get to for the high quality sushi served here. But also serve you Gyoza (dumplings), cooked meatballs and meat from the teppanyaki grill. There is no buffet like in other locations – instead you order via tablet PC. Continue reading “The Kirin”