The Maschsee

The Maschsee is an urban lake in Hannover, Germany close to the town hall and the soccer stadium. It is 2.4 kilometers long and has been artificially created in the beginning of the 1930s. It is used for sailing and canoeing and it is a nice place for a walk. It was built to protect the city of Hannover from floods that occurred because the rivers of the area have been straightened.

To create the Maschsee, the Bismarcksäule from 1904 (a column to commemorate Otto von Bismarck) – standing in the center of todays lake – had to be removed. It was used earlier for paramilitary gatherings and for the baleful Bücherverbrennung (book burning) of the Nazis. Every year the Maschseefest brings party to the lake: two million people get here to have a drink and watch fireworks.

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