Nemo, Magdeburg

The Nemo is a spa and sauna in Magdeburg, Germany – close to the Elbauenpark. It includes indoor and outdoor pools, a slide, two restaurants, three saunas and a steam bath. It is nothing really special and it is of medium size – but I absolutely enjoyed the silence at the sauna and the chance to relax after hours of walking throughout the city. Continue reading “Nemo”


Aquapark, Wroclaw

There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a jump into a big pool of water. In Wrocław, Poland there is the Park Wodny or Aquapark not far away from the main railway station. It is not very big and quite crowded when temperatures are high – but it is nice experience. Continue reading “Aquapark”

Shabby but fun

Ostsee-Therme, Scharbeutz

What to do if you’re at the Baltic sea in winter times, the wind is blowing hard and it is really cold outside? A good idea is to look out for a spa and a sauna to relax and get some heat back that you lost at the chilly beach. If you’re in the triangle of Lübeck, Fehmarn and Kiel, a visit to the Ostsee-Therme in Scharbeutz, Germany may be right for you. Continue reading “Shabby but fun”


Dead Sea, Israel/Palestine

The Dead Sea is a lake 400 m below sea level – the lowest point of the world. It is kind of a different climate zone and as everybody has heard of – it has very special water conditions. The lake has a very high salinity (28-33 %) and the bottom seems to consist of pure salt. The water is brought in by river Jordan and there is no outflow; the water simply evaporates here.

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Swabian well

SchwabenQuellen, Stuttgart

Stuttgart is a big city with a lot to see. But at the end of the day, you have to relax your feet and refresh yourself. A good place for that is the SchwabenQuellen located at an event center (with Broadway musicals and a casino; 10 km away from the city center) near Stuttgart; I always come here when I’m on business trips to the city.

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Refreshing at the Gellért spa

Gellért spa, Budapest

What is not obvious while walking through Budapest, Hungary is the fact, that it is a spa town. There are over 100 thermal springs producing water with a temperature between 21 and 78 degrees celsius. Therefore one definitly needs to try one of the spas; the most famous being the Gellért spa and the Széchenyi spa. And after walking around so much in this town this is always a great idea.

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Radolfzell, Germany

The “bo|ra” is a great spa close to the Lake Constance in Radolfzell, Germany. It’s a complex consisting of a hotel, a sauna and a beach area. Its name is a combination of the first letters of “Bodensee” (the German name of Lake Constance) and “Radolfzell“, the city the spa is located in. I came here because I really love Japanese spas and here they’ve built a quite traditional Onsen (hot spring).

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