Dingli cliffs

When you’re starting your journey on Malta at Valletta, you’ll be at a region with way too many inhabitants and an impressive density of buildings. It is hard to even see the rocky and rough shape of the island. That changes dramatically when you pass to the southwest shore with many uninhabited areas and a natural phenomenon: the Dingli cliffs. It is the highest point of the island, and the steep cliffs draw a different image of the island.

The Dingli cliffs are named after a British knight from the 16th century: Sir Thomas Dingley. There’s even a small town named after him. On top of the cliffs, you can find an ugly radar station and a small church. Follow the Triq Panoramika to the southeast, there you’ll find a car park from which you can hike through the rocky landscape and catch the best views. If you want to get down to the sea in this area, best drive to Għar Lapsi with its protected pool.

Kontrast, Kirche, unweit von Rabat

Dingli cliffs

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