3250 BC

The islands of Malta contain some ancient treasures: megalithic temples built from giant stones. They are today together represented as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple closest to Valletta is the temple of Tarxien constructed between 3250 BC and 2500 BC. It was discovered in 1914 because farmers plowing the land were stuck because of the large stones. These days the temple is protected by a roof and located in a large residential zone.

In fact, the Tarxien temple is a combination of four temples built over time. The discovery brought inside in the religious traditions of this ancient culture, many decorative items and signs of animal sacrifice were found. It is believed that the Tarxien temple is related to the Ħal Saflieni hypogeum which is just 500 meters away. Visiting it requires to book a guided tour minimum three months in advances, it is often even sold-out for longer terms.

The infrastructure at the temple site is well-designed, a path leads you around and through the temple. There is a small entrance building with a shop and bathrooms, next to it a small number of parking lots is available – but as the temple is located in a residential zone you will for sure find a parking area somewhere around. If you want to go by bus, there are different lines going there and different bus stops around, the closest is Neolitici.

Tarxien temple

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UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Megalithic temples of Malta’

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