The most important megalithic temple site on the island of Gozo is Ġgantija, located at Xagħra. It’s part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Megalithic temples of Malta’ and has good infrastructure with an exhibition at the entrance and a small shop at the exit. It was built from 3600 BC on and it received its name because people believed that a giant has built it. In fact, it must have been really hard work to move these giant stones around.

The walls are six meters high and currently need some framework for preservation. Science is still looking for the right material to repair these stones; former work with concrete had adverse effects. What I found impressive at Ġgantija are the inscriptions of former visitors. I would nerve carve my name into ancient stones but it was quite interesting to read who visited the temple site 150 years ago…

Ġgantija temple

UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Megalithic temples of Malta’

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