The Westfalen-Therme is a spa and sauna with a restaurant and hotel next to it in Bad Lippspringe, Germany – close to Paderborn. It is one of these places I normally would never get to; but we received a voucher for this spa as a wedding present and therefore made our way to Westphalia. No bad idea!

The spa was created in the 1980s and is well-known in this region. As I learned it belongs to the same company as the Ostsee-Therme in Scharbeutz, Germany I once went to. The Westfalen-Therme consists of three sections with different quality: the spa, the sauna and the salinarium.

The spa is the cheapest section with an indoor and an outdoor pool, jacuzzis, special play pools for older (with a jumping tower) and younger (with a pirate ship) kids. There is also a very nice restaurant with better quality than in most spas and a bar on the upper level.

To get to the sauna section you’ll have to pay more but it’s worth the money. You’ll find different saunas inside and outside, jacuzzis, fireplaces, great sleeping rooms and a wonderful hot pool on the rooftop. The style of this section is great and it is really comfortable.

We didn’t try the salinarium which costs additional six Euros and includes a pool for floating (like in the Dead Sea). The last renovation works were in 2010 and made this a great place. Outside there is an additional outdoor pool accessible through an extra entrance. And: lots of parking spaces.

When we arrived there we first wondered where all these people are. The answer is: in the sauna; this section was quite crowded (without being too crowded) – the pools in the basement were rather empty. Whatever you are coming here for, it’s a nice place to relax.

Schwimmbadstraße 14
33175 Bad Lippspringe


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