The Dead Sea is a lake 400 m below sea level – the lowest point of the world. It is kind of a different climate zone and as everybody has heard of – it has very special water conditions. The lake has a very high salinity (28-33 %) and the bottom seems to consist of pure salt. The water is brought in by river Jordan and there is no outflow; the water simply evaporates here.

It is impossible to swim within the Dead Sea because it has such a high upwelling. That is why you simply should float on your back and enjoy this unique feeling. Some people try to cover in mud because it is said that this might have an healthy effect. Might be, but you’re looking quite stupid when doing so. 😉 The feeling of slowly drying salt water on your skin is already interesting enough.

If you want to try floating on the Dead Sea – and this is somehow a must – there are not too many places where you could do on the Israeli side. In Ein Gedi you can find a spa that is a bit remote from the lake – because the water-level was sinking during the years. Now you are taken by a tractor to the lake but the facilities are limited at the shore. At the spa close to the road you can find lockers and good showers.


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